The congratulations of new residence of move to a better place or have a promoti

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You face a challenge always is so self-confident! Congratulate you, stepped one pace successfully ahead again.  

Friend, wish the enterprise does more prosperous more! Postpone great plan greatly!  

One paper letter paper, a the real situation, a belief, wish practice is lucky, big Fu Qiyuan!

New home exceedingly is vivid, open-armed old friend -- the happy event that congratulates your move to a better place or have a promotion!  
Congratulate you, move new home, wish it is better that your life is crossed!  

Congratulation! Congratulation! Move new home! 

Sunshine is beautiful, east wind sends affection, be fond of change new residence, de Zhaolin big pool, ability shake all directions!  

"Fine Chen Anzhai, ji Riqian is resided " , happy life relies on laborious both hands to create!  

Warbler change benevolence in, yan Hede adjacent, the happy event of congratulate change one's dwelling house, of room Ran Qiuxiang enrage

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