The office that belongs to chicken is geomantic

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How does the office wind that belongs to chicken furnish:

The first: Widen in front, have a boundless future

Desk ahead front wants to widen, cannot force narrow. If be to face wall, the future also can resemble be being held back by the wall general, luck cannot spread out.

The 2nd: Rear have lean, be promoted have lean

Install buy desk the first for rear should have lean. If rear it is footpath, office will be more disturbed firm, mind inquietude. Wall can be after, or configuration table, short ark is OK.

The 3rd: side does not have footpath, preferment is expedite

Of desk, flank cannot be footpath, be like rush like Lu Chong. Resemble be like the Lu Chong outdoor, such indoor road rushs to also can have bad effect.

The 4th: The face is queer column, work not to make mistake

The front of seat has post, seem to get a blow and a shout-sharp warning, goof on the career necessarily, have headachy trouble easily also usually.

The 5th: Boss desk is bigger than employee

The desk of average employer should compare employee big, such ability is correct. If not quite old saying, should find a place for by a few cabinets, will add momentum. Come so ability directs staff smoothly

The 6th: Develop the door, strong way, appropriate buy screen, short ark

Desk develops the door or way, the influence is healthy, have accident calamity easily. The job and preferment have very large block.

The 7th: Bridge is pressed on the top

If desk just wants special attention below bridge. Easy mind is restless, dazed fault bussiness trip. If press the top of head to want the table forth move, had avoided can.

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