Manual of heavy equipment hoisting

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1, of equipment enter the arena, on row
In each preparative work makes good case completely, enter the arena with respect to what begin to organize equipment, on platoon and hoisting worked.
2, the preparation before hoisting works
Equipment is before hoisting, must have done comprehensive and careful examination to check the work. Examination equipment installs fiducial mark, trend line sign correct; Whether does the hanger that inspects facility accord with hoisting requirement.
3, the department of hoisting rigging is received
Basically include trochlear the pull test that hangs hang oneself ear, dynamoelectric windlass and azimuth are adjusted, drawing pulling a platoon and the setting of system pulling end.
4, try condole
The examination before trying condole affirms; Hoisting commander in chief undertakes hoisting operates tell sb one's real intentions; Decorate each censorial post has censorial point and main content; Condole is put down since undertake for many times experimenting, make departmental cent has harmonious sex and security; Check the metabolic circumstance of each place.

5, hoisting perch

Give orders formally by commander in chief each pairs of direct, check each post to arrive hillock is on call circumstance, it is normal to check each to lead signal system; Each post report prepares a case, inform podium in time with signal; Remove condole formally, make equipment leaves temporarily pedestal 500, stop when 800mm, make further examination, it is normal that each post should report a case; Dismantle equipment pedestal and ground are sundry, continue to a string of 1.

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