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The household that Beijing abundant stage moves is geomantic

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How to choose a little building and move note -- [5 years geomantic spot lecture reviews Dong Yilin to record 3/20 completely]

Mr. Dong Yilin was in 2005 the lecture wind hydrology such as forum of conference of portal website broadcasting station changes many nearly 20, via the netizen the requirement is summed up, consult for everybody. It is below via the chatting part that liquidates meticulously.

Compere: When yourself goes choosing a room, must know the house wants Founder, nature round place has been compared this, any house vertex damage is too much, resemble a human body, can go imagining, be equivalent to saying little certain place.

Netizen: A lot of people say, fierce lot lives haunted house is fine, good life lives what room influence won't be too bad.

Dong Yilin: What this netizen carries is reasonable also, everything Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. , my luck differred his meaning that is to say to stay in wrong place, had met instead, this theory is right. When the lot of some moment people goes trough, it is very difficult to want to rise, when you walk along lowermost cereal, also can have profit so. What he says is reasonable also, want so the person that goes colliding is very few also.

Compere: Because everybody does not know lot put in order and house are united in wedlock, everybody does not know his life is good. What kind of house is haunted house, we always hear of particularly bad, cannot live particularly, be short is there is sunshine so called haunted house?

Dong Yilin: Either such. So called haunted house has outer shroud place, be a house all round, cite a simple case, my house has been entered arrive 3 years, on the side of my house, my balcony, or advocate there is big building site to be being built on the side of the bedroom, have big iron condole, can affect its lot above all, we are not to say these big crane are adverse, the noise of its construction, the gas field at that time can affect his psychology directly, had been affected. Below this kind of circumstance, he often appears a few fretful, psychological uneasiness, aeriform in the center this had effect together.

You say geomantic removed to destroy from the building, was to rise to destroy, wait for a building one year two years to build rise one relapses. Still have a view, from the school,

Hospital, cloister compares close house, say to go up almost not quite lucky house. Be such, from cloister what is too close, have the space between celestial being of a bit support of the people.

Compere: The school and hospital, the person buys a house now, most hospital and school are had all round attention, what why leave is close bad instead?

Dong Yilin: Cite a case, northeast horn is a school, live in southeast horn to do not have a problem, one follows the school namely is next door, why bad, with respect to the architectural case that a moment ago cited like me, randommer still, still have a few these children, elementary school these are childish compare flourishing, he can be absorbed around namely the ground that we say is angry, they are absorbed a lot of, these are live near this, with respect to a few effects that can cause mentally, this is adverse. Be similar to a hospital to have a lot of patients, be similar to this kind of air to often can close a window, such affirmation are adverse.
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