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Cost of the price since remover introduces area of Beijing abundant stage

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One, cost having price
1, loading capacity 1.5 tons, 2 tons of van: Have price 150 yuan.
2, sheet moves piano model to be contained for 120() the following when have price 180 yuan, price has when model is 120 above 240 yuan.
3, piano and other goods are mixed when outfit, model is contained for 120() add below receive 150 yuan, model is contained for 120() above is added receive 180 yuan.
Note: Kang of an ancient nationality in China of Bao of Ke of tritium of gizzard of  of Cheng of Zou of glow of fall from the sky rising abruptly guides show ah less than of Qu?0 kilometer, every number is one-way valuation.
2, surtax:
1. Floor cost: Fluctuation building is added every layers receive 10 yuan, have elevator free.
2. Exceed kilometer cost: Move with when moving a place to be apart from more than 15 kilometers actually, every exceed one kilometer to add receive 4 yuan.
3. Valuable:
4. Safe: 50 centimeter (contain) add below receive 30 yuan; 1 meter (contain) add below receive 80 yuan; 1 meter of above are being discussed.
5. Electric home appliances6. Over-distance is apart from cost: When car cannot berth reachs the designated position, when carrying a distance to exceed 20 meters artificially, every exceed 1 meter to add receive 2 yuan.
7. County of outer suburbs area expends: Move and move a place to be when county of outer suburbs area, add those who receive 50 % additionally to have price cost.
8. Be in loading/discharging charges more: Every many outfit (discharge) the place is added receive 30 yuan.
9. Odd overweight cost: Carry article sheet artificially weight is in 250 kilograms (contain) when above, add receive 150 yuan.
10. Delay the cost when delay one's work: Because client account creates operation,man-hour of incur loss through delay cannot work after car group reachs the designated position, add hourly receive 80 yuan.
11. Sail for nothing cost: After car reachs the designated position, when the client cancels to use a car, sky of every number collection sails expend 100 yuan. Carry car have not when dispatch a vehicle, the client cancels to order a car not to collect fees.
12. Tear open rate of outfit air conditioning: 1.5 be equal to (contain the following) hanging 120 yuan of;1.5 be equal to (contain above) mural lug 200 yuan of 2;2 be equal to hanging, ark machine 180 yuan; 3 ark machine 200 yuan; 5 ark machine 280 yuan, add the fluorine, sheet that tote a pipe to collect fees.
13. Line-haul every kilometer 4 yuan, cost of too transient bridge pays sheet Cheng each, grant to receive 80% freight.
Remarks: ノ of archives of trade of take along sth to sb changes buffalo gnat Wu to arrange astounded of an ancient nationality in China of archives of aspic of instrument W target to be able to bear or endure 3 pound choose?
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