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Ripely stage of express Beijing abundant rejecting claims of content of 1 statio

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Ripely the company damages my odd numbers odd numbers: E040837134 communicates them with them not compensate is fierce still.

I issue air purifier at sending a pine on December 27, 2006 brand-new leave factory pack a value formerly 995 yuan inside because carry,have bill express delivery undeserved bring about refus of article burst client to sign content of merchandise on hand to still be in ripely a company month ripely the company has not compensated for me to hope you can help me

Express company so rather be bitterly disappointed letting a person entrusts you to send a thing is not let you destroy a thing you are accountability you destroyed to say you have cost of formulary compensate express in sending addressee safe and in good conditionly the hand 2 times no matter what thing is this price

Feel this industry lacks express too service as the old what themselves said what to calculate themselves regulation

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