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The irritated worry that one remover poses

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Tiangang daybreak, the banging song of engine rang outside the window. Come a few years, the dweller in article of profit of Shenyang river division gets all the time the worry of these noise, "If come up against some cars to hit,do not catch fire, that is more lively, bray, call sound of a work song sung to synchronize movements, calculate you to become aware addiction also can make a noise you greatly again wake. " on November 23, a dweller spoke irritated a load on one's mind to the reporter on behalf of a lot of dwellers in the village.

Complain: Remover faze civilian

This dweller tells a reporter: "This company cries ' send all the way ' remover, it is a retail sales that faces a market, because the space before retail sales is limited, so sometimes ' send all the way ' park the car inside the courtyard. The car needs to turn on the water in the winter commonly, this sufferred from the dweller inside the courtyard, after passing overnight, the courtyard has a lot of to freeze, do not take care have to fall. The worker of the company goes to the lavatory for the graph, often be in the courtyard go to the toilet, do the environment dirtily can't bear in disorder. Although do not have,stop in the courtyard recently, on the road that stays to the outside however. On the road that stays to the outside however..

Witness: The car stops in footpath

Late on November 23, the reporter comes in beneficial article, be in big south of building of date of street 214 8 to, the reporter was found " send all the way " remover. Because colour of sky is late already, the park before the door of this company 78 cars, the staff member of a remover tells a reporter: "The car stops outside now, had not entered a courtyard. " reporter discovery, although the car did not stop inside the courtyard, but because the space before retail sales is limited, because this stops in the car before retail sales,took up however footpath, brought inconvenience and safe hidden trouble to the pedestrian.

Community: Still can communicate as far as possible

On November 25, the reporter sought advice from beneficial article community with respect to this matter, ms. Gu of community tells a reporter: "Give a dweller brought trouble to remover, community has been communicated for many times, remover has not parked the car inside the courtyard now, and they also repaired a toilet, hired a dormitory for the worker, the situation has taken a favourable turn somewhat now, community still can be communicated with its as far as possible. Community still can be communicated with its as far as possible..

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