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Our company are right bungalow or do not contain floor to move every car 160 yuan (inside 10 kilometers) unit freight every number 180 yuan (inside 10 kilometers) . Exceed the course of development of 10 kilometers, every kilometer is added receive 4 yuan; Every many place assembles and unassemble add receive 50 yuan. ! 1. The individual moves 2. The industry moves 3. Valuable is carried
4.Furniture is torn open outfit 5. Air conditioning is torn open outfit 6. Timing service 7. Line-haul
Rate rises price cost
Note: Afore-mentioned prices are in to carry a distance actually every number of 10 kilometers less than is one-way carry.
When floor cost does not have elevator or cannot using elevator to carry, contain 2 above, on every, below one is added receive floor to expend 10 yuan, from the 7th

Begin every to add receive 20 yuan; When having elevator, be moved or remove the ground, every number is added receive loading/discharging charges 2 times each 10 yuan
Discharge of road traditional Chinese clothes expends every to assemble and unassemble more the three unities is added receive 50 yuan
Exceed kilometer cost to be moved with after moving a place to be apart from more than 10 kilometers actually, every exceed one kilometer to add receive 4 yuan
Plane carries a distance to expend when car cannot berth reachs the designated position, when needing artificial plane to carry a distance to exceed 20 meters, every exceed 1 meter of every number to add receive 1 yuan
Evening service expends evening 18: 00---Early 6: 30 exercise, every number is added receive 30 yuan
Because after client account causes exercise car group to reach the designated position, the cost when extending loss of working time cannot work man-hour of incur loss through delay, add hourly receive 80 yuan
After sailing expenses traffic reachs the designated position for nothing, when the client cancels to use a car, sky of every number collection sails expend 100 yuan
Valuable cost
Piano carries sheet to move piano model to be contained for 120() the following when remove valence to expend 180 yuan, model expends 250 yuan to price has when 120 above
Other is large copycat, safe, big aquarium, big TV of 34 inches of equipment of mirror, fitness, above, back is cast, liquid crystal TV, 200 establish litre of above freezer is added every close 50, 200 yuan

Computer case: Dimension long 50cm, wide 50 Cm, tall 50 Cm 15 yuan /
Hang suitcase: Dimension long 50cm, wide 50 Cm, tall 1200 Cm 45 yuan /
Note: 1, send paper box to collect fees every time only 30 - 160 yuan 2, remove for the office the take on lease that provides case of plastic have enough to meet need
Furniture tears open outfit cost
2 ark 80 yuan /
3 ark 120 yuan /
4 ark 160 yuan /
Dresser, bed 50 yuan /
Tear open outfit office to cut off 50 yuan /
Tear open outfit board stage, board 50 - 150 yuan /
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