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Remover packs 9 cities consign, air conditioning moves aircraft service

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9 cities of Beijing remover is collect dweller moves, company timing service, piano is carried, furniture is torn open outfit, pack consign, air conditioning moves machine. Big article is carried, reclaim road of home appliance, accident carries those who be an organic whole to move transport company.
The company has groom through major and can skilled control to move the employee of skill, use advanced computer network to unite attemper platform nearby sends a car, ensure 24 hours seasonable, considerate, serve for you surely.
9 cities remover is with satisfying client requirement oneself, it is a standard with the client's satisfaction, provide a high grade service platform for the client. 9 cities move care about you approbate, your satisfaction is the largest to us support, our employee wishs to serve for you wholeheartedly.
One, start valence: Individual 150 yuan of units 160 yuan
2, floor cost: Every add 10 yuan, have plan cost from 2, every place adds lift 10 yuan
3, exceed kilometer cost: Exceed 15 kilometers beyond, every kilometer is added receive 4 yuan
4, odd overweight cost: Odd article exceeds 250 (contain) kilogram when, add receive 50~150 yuan
5, service fee: When the client need not car, when using a worker only, everybody is horary 40 yuan
6, make expend for nothing: After car reachs the designated position, because client account cancels to use a car, collection sky sails expend 100 yuan. (do not collect fees without hair car)
7, carry a distance to expend car place position to come carry a place to exceed 15 meters, every meters are added receive 1 yuan
8, much place loading/discharging charges: The client is moving 1 office is held more in the process much perhaps discharge 1 place, join 50 yuan

9, air conditioning tears open outfit cost: 1.5 (contain) the following hanging: 150 yuan, sheet tears open 80 yuan, 1.5 (contain) the following lug 2: 200 yuan, machine of 2 hanging, ark: 260 yuan, 3 ark machine: 300 yuan
10, furniture tears open outfit cost: Two ark 80 yuan, 3 ark 120 yuan, 4 ark 150 yuan, every wear the bed 40 yuan, class stage 40 yuan, the job 40 yuan
11, valuable cost: Piano increases cost by model, 115 add below receive 150 yuan, 118, 120 model add receive 200 yuan, 120 above are added receive 230 yuan, copycat every 30 yuan, the safe increases cost by model.
12, long-distance collect fees: Have price 200 yuan, every kilometer 4 yuan, the client pays one-way pass by fee

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