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Jin Jiuyin 10, move just about " when auspicious " , graduate leave school, office worker changes new residence of move to a better place or have a promotion of abode, family, can be found everywhere at moving person. However, move to always be regarded as a trival and complex job, mean save trouble, it is to ask remover to do sth for sb of course. Even if is such, also not be equal to but have nothing worry about, moving process still needs to be supervised personally, how to choose a appropriate from inside numerous remover, be like the save labour when the province in the process that why moving again, might as well the experience that draws lessons from astute citizen.
1 ask Qing Dynasty to remover the name is fine

Avoid remover after the event to borrow all sorts of name to be added additionally collect fees

Remover is numberless as the sand, rate and service quality are endless however and same, before moving must goods compares 3, this can seek advice have move the close friends of experience, or the situation that understands each remover through the channel such as phone, website. The reporter sees on the net, the rate of each remover is endless and same, different company, a price difference of the service can amount to 30 yuan of above, distance cost, odd overweight cost other collect fees of the project collect fees also have discrepancy. Return some remover and did not mark a price in the plain code on the net, need calls to undertake advisory to the company personally.

Case: Miss Huang that has moved the home twice moves to what the reporter disclosed her result. Miss Huang says, the close friends that has moved the home had better seek advice first before moving, can know each company so collect fees and attitude of attending to guests, avoid by " black " . No matter remover make a price how, want to will collect fees particular case inquiry is fair, a number of the fee that includes carried time, distance, model, employee, article etc, all sorts of name borrow to be added additionally when avoiding remover to arrive collect fees.

2 carry business to be carried as far as possible close

Avoid to because distance is far,pay and add the freight that close

Move distance is further, freight is taller, move place and if differ,move a site 10 kilometers above, every kilometer should collect fees more normally 4 go to 5 yuan. If remover leaves abode further, remover still can be added appropriately according to actual condition collect the fee that make a round trip, accordingly, move should shorten as far as possible distance, choose to leave home as far as possible close remover, can save a few freight.

Case: Miss Guo just graduated last year, need Cong Haizhu area to be moved to the more beautiful area of working seat. She wants to ask reputed remover to move originally, but discover its collect fees the remover that should compare school periphery should be gotten high much, as a result of school position and abode all relatively devious, move what use " floor is expended " and " the distance is expended " a little tall. Miss Guo is checked on the net, remover has a rate commonly, for instance Guangzhou some remover moves to the individual collect fees remove valence to want 180 yuan, increase the floor cost of on 5 buildings, 100 meters carry a distance to expend, want overpay 50 yuan charge. Calculate so come, miss Lin altogether wants overpay 200 multivariate, and call the school to move circumjacently service, make a price wants only 100 multivariate, can save below a few yuan.
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