The Central Committee of Communist Party of China moves 3 times greatly

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In war of liberation, mechanism of Central Committee of Communist Party of China went to Beijing to undertake consecutively 3 times again to Xi Baipo from Yan'an " move greatly " . These 3 " move greatly " be organized personally by Yang Shangkun and carry out. Accordingly Yang Shangkun ever also spoke of:  censures 3 times  of straw of muching lossen soil with a hoe forces closely question is troubled by? of  of Qia of a surname of Qia of plaque  ぷ is mechanism of constituent director Central Committee of Communist Party of China " move greatly " .

3 of the Central Committee of Communist Party of China " move greatly " setting although each are not identical, compare however multifarious, organizing the work is thousands of strands and loose ends more. Yang Shangkun is in 3 times this " move greatly " in showed extraordinary constituent ability and serious and responsible, meticulous job attitude, from a flank reflection gives him to be party and the tremendous history that people makes to contribute.

For the first time " move greatly " -- evacuation Yan'an

In June 1946, agreement of truce of Jiang Jieshi tear to shreds and resolution of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, civil war erupts in the round. Jiang interpose Shi Pajun attacks in force a Chinese Communist to control each liberated area below, on August 2, send plane bomb Yan'an. After November, the atmosphere facing battle of Yan'an already thicker and thicker. According to " Yang Shangkun memoir " account, on November 11, 1946, cadre that Liu Shaoji holds in Party school makes public the member that undertake moving on congress, announce Yang Shangkun is commander of column of the directly under central, deng Jie is assistant commanding officer, li Tao is chief of staff, altogether 3 people, be in charge of scattered job.

"Red " the bethel that Yan'an is Chinese revolution and center. Since Red Army long march after arriving at North Shaanxi, the Party Central Committee is here already " manage " more than 10 years of time, its are scattered can be imagined with removing trival degree. Face formidable task, mechanism withdraws Yan'an in the center of responsible direct backward the Yang Shangkun of scattered task dare not have the slightest amount or degree careless. Central mechanism withdraws Yan'an can be in order to say 3 fold.

1. Mao Zedong is indicated -- the hand that fragments of writing also does not fall into the enemy

File of the history that sheet says to involve a Chinese Communist in great quantities and core classified and archives are like the problem that manages where, solve rise to expend setbacks quite. From 1946 the bottom arrives at the beginning of 1947, central mechanism kisses be held independently in what Zhou En comes below, the preparation that began file move works.

Of the file clearing begin from November 1946, the document that Central Secretariat obtains each respect to hand in many 16 thousand. After the course is arranged, to doing not have the file of keep value, undertook destroy by melting or burning. On November 3, 1946, " the Central Committee of Communist Party of China indicates with what save confidential letter about processing " make known to lower levels: Important and classified file " appoint appropriate of person specially assigned for a task to carry " , the routine file that need not keep " should namely destroy by melting or burning " . According to this one directive, through classification, only Central Secretariat with respect to burn down file ten box, confidential is in the cable of burn down to amount to 13355.
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