Vietnam government asks Taiwan steel look forward to removes

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According to report of Taiwan economy daily, the steely production business with the biggest Taiwan " in steel group " receive Vietnam (Vietnamese) governmental announcement, the requirement removes plan a cold rolling that in this country the south builds joint-stock factory arrives Vietnam is mid area.
"In steel group " the joint-stock plant that still making a last hurrah make invest 1.15 billion dollar maintains in southern area, but also doing removing preparation to work, this newspaper respecting.
Because worry about the situation in southern area occurrence supply exceeds demand, vietnam government is being sought (to steelworks) relocate. This area was attracted " in steel group " cooperate with its square and of Japan stay in company of friendly metal industry (Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd. ) wait.
Although this project undertakes by the plan, predict to about removing because of company and government jussive negotiates and also can be deferred.

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