Whole of waiting room of Chinese mouth station will remove in October

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Reporter yesterday understands from Chinese mouth railway station, current, this station transfers temporarily room construction is basic and finishing, predicting next month can remove to overlook moment car room to mammon square, in the meantime, chinese mouth station transforms a project to also will be carried in the round fast. At the appointed time, wuhan citizen goes out to deal with the formalities that take a car inside new waiting room in a railway or bus station soon.  
Yesterday, the reporter is in face site of construction of moment car room to see, the Kendeji in railway station the east by dining-room, temporarily passageway and office of carry out ticket are already finishing, only a few worker is having the spot nap of paint stucco, road surface works, from mammon square (overlook moment car room) build the person travel overline bridge that goes up to the platform also already a few days ago finishing.  
Staff member of Chinese mouth railway station introduces, after relevant preparation work undertakes ending, resettlement of station waiting room predicts next month begins.

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