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According to the arrangement of the company, divide factory general this year new developed area of corporation of four quarters ingoing is produced, as remove to draw near of program day and night, cent factory heads elaborate organization, production of each team and group removes neither by accident, those who played resettlement is prelusive:

Sinfonia: Person of exhausted?2 of sex of breed  bell, assuming dial framework of forklift overhead guard, appearance, load-backrest, 3T side of fork wearing, 2-3T moves implement the making task that waits for forklift fittings. 8 years on August 7, cent factory holds squad group leader and manufacturing backbone personnel to arouse meeting, on the meeting, around remove the preparation of early days works, the working key that Factory director Ni decorated the near future: 21 needs to remove the maintenance; overhead guard of equipment, fork wearing, side moves implement, tipping forked in all 12 pay tool the mould rectify and reform those who perfect; Training Within Industry and producer type to adjust. After the meeting, everybody of in an orderly way begin to begin respective work.

March: The facility that uncut jade attends male of Jian of ぷ of ü of Kong of Shun Wei of Kong ㄊ Qian to be troubled by? of an ancient nationality in China to distinguish a works is the old equipment that 80 time purchase mostly, run risk a leakage phenomenon more, in craft branch support energetically below, cent factory fixed 21 equipment that require change to go a company. Suddenly of constitution of maintenance benchwork the first month, Zhang Yue's master and personnel of team and group undertake examination of one by one register to equipment, comprehensive to JB23-60 punching machine maintenance, forklift of 2T of for private use changes air derv filter, roll trigger accessory make repairs and supply replacements is perfect, remove equipment establishs stage account, arrange equipment foundation graph to join equipment management department specific arrangement, spot volume takes equipment to receive oily basin measure, for next the job has made sufficient preparation.

Concerto: Mi dirty Meng Pu goes to male of Jian of ぷ of Kong ㄗ urgent abdomen to be able to bear or endure  ? removes around cent factory, other job is nervous also spread out in order: Ji of  silk stew inspects? of  of  of  of accept of   lens to be aimed at the change of operation method of environment of working procedure of the personnel after removing, divide plant personnel draw on the wisdom of the masses, change existing manufacturing operation way actively, adjust craft position, staff post fractionize, preliminary built to get the materials ready metalworking class and 2 riveting solder shape class; washed out kind of the stuff below original emery wheel cut, next makings tool are made on fretsaw machine, make next makings quality promote, the spot does not have dust pollution, reduce the physical strength when the job to use up, for the safe civilization inside corporation new developed area production created conditional; to be in respect of Training Within Industry, cent factory increases the education of pair of youth solderers, of the job, cent organizes advanced solderer 6 times to undertake the guidance of handgrip hand groom to young solderer, make they can get used to; of this post skill requirement very quickly to safeguard a respect in tool mould management, each team and group that separates a factory also did much work, add outfit foot to the model to accessory group, facilitating overlay code is put, overhead guard group rectifies and reform beautification to unite height afresh to the model, solder retroflexion frame long grind rectify and reform add rough location to sell, make the job more secure... these works that we do, the purpose has only: Does Ji of stew of Yun of an ancient wind instrument of ê of Kong of О of breed of new moon of fade spruce  inspect breed of ο of  of  of accept of   lens ancienting name for a water catltrop " does persimmon stepping on  engrave  of Rong  bursa?
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