Wide hand in can come 34 years first whole moves

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In " 11 " the Fair of import and export merchandise of the 104th China that holds after the golden week (wide hand in meeting) will be in Guangzhou entirely first hold inside Pa continent new house, use the old house of lake drifting a flower this year April to exit historical arena formally from April 1974. Wide hand in meeting whole to remove Pa continent, finished the location of the 4th change since establishing 1957, also ended to begin from October 2003 " two houses two period " conduct pattern. According to wide hand in Mu Xinhai of vice director of center of meeting news spokesman, foreign trade to introduce, wide hand in the meeting whole that finish to remove, mean wide hand in can exhibit a house to already became Asian establishment the international exhibition center with the most advanced, the most all ready function. Pa continent exhibits area of house A, B, C3 to always cover an area of an area to exceed 800 thousand U, total floor area exceeds 1.1 million U, always show an area 340 thousand U, exceeded road drifting a flower to exhibit a house to cover an area of 100 thousand U, floor area far the dimensions of 170 thousand U.

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