Move 3 times the basket on 3 strides

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Zhao Jin of 45 years old is the manager of department of business of subbranch of a bank of peaceful of great capacity of industrial and commercial bank, look in her, industry moves 3 times all right, it is the basket on 3 strides, the development course that condensed industry of my county banking 30 years.

In old house do poineering work

After reforming and opening 1981, zhao Jin is hired enter the people bank at that time. There still is not industrial and commercial bank in those days, spot of people bank office is set in the city on the west " communal hospital " next door, the 3 buildings old building of 3 appearance, government market is savings bank, postal service hall is among, upstairs office. Agricultural bank is on path ground, business delimits cent is clear about palpability between that moment bank, nonexistent competition, spell a path ground so also live in peace with each other.
The bank at that time, operation of safe facilities, business is very pallet. Zhao Jin is in at that time cashier gathering, also do not have car of what carry bank note, everyday tens of thousands of yuan of cash that furl comes to, put in the bag, the bicycle is carrying pass in and out on the back. Everybody is so dry, also had not heard cash is stolen the thing that is robbed. Check is placed on iron clincher, slip to give paragraph station down lead wire, from morning till night, swish is incessant Yu Er.

Training of technical ability of the business in the bank, assessment is very rigorous in those days nevertheless, everybody the enthusiasm of post training is very tall also, money of calculate, dot, day drills night drills. A lot of person abacus practice must be " big bead small bead fall jade dish " , dot money drills so that finger sticks full sticking plaster, a few the best of its kind still are in again and again in match of complete province, whole nation pick Jin Duoyin.

Zhao Jin recollects: January 1984, from inside people bank cent gives industrial and commercial bank, "Subbranch of a bank of county of peaceful sea of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China " the brand is hanged, labour just establishs independent organizational system formally all right. Meantime, our employee has 115 people, set 4 savings bank, 2 agency, all business are manual operation, workload is onerous. But the deposit remaining sum of year end has 56.88 million yuan only, loan remaining sum 91.6 million yuan.

The scenery of peach source bridge

1986, because Zhao Jin works meticulous and cordial, accountant of postal service hall of transfer labour travel. Also be to be in this year, labour purchased the first computer all right. At that time, street of county of whole Ning Hai also does not have a few computer. Zhao bright and beautiful remembers clearly: This computer is west lake PC, be more advanced.

1988, labour moves new building of peach source road all right. This place common says " peach source bridge " , to for the county's flourishing and lively ground, 6 high-rise, floor area of nearly 4000 square metre. In those days, this one belt still does not have other high buildings and large mansions, labour travel building appears a Triton of the minnows, peremptory make peach source bridge one scene, so that calendar of several years, telephone directory regards cover, foldout as it, in order to show Ning Hai's development is accomplished.
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