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Although leave an animal formal to move to still one year influences time, but yesterday, changsha zoo already was taken out remove initial plan, made first animal carry basket abandon. Ma Zaiyu of dean of courtyard of Changsha zoo vet, senior engineer discloses, before the animal moves, need to be done basket rehearse, beast of prey moves need does ruinous test, giraffe moves to want possibly to sign up for policeman of the Changsha City to practice traffic control.
Initial plan:
' natural enemy ' , ' rival in love ' , ' Philistine ' cannot make up together
Basis " Changsha zoo the animal inside garden removes plan " , the place inside garden belongs to of all kinds animal to remove to all use motor transportation, remove must press when the animal declare how check, string basket, outfit car, carry, unload, check, put in a suitable place to breed wait for a program to carry out. Remove after date, course, public security waiting for a newspaper, policeman and park director branch are approved, carry out again.
"The zoo formulate urgent beforehand case, string together in order to answer basket, outfit car, carry, unload, examine, basket give off in waiting for a process, person and the harm that the animal may appear and fast and effective termination and deal with the great and malign incident such as animal escape happens. " Ma Zaiyu discloses, beast of prey of bird of prey, large herbivore (camel except) , spirit is long kind, the childish with Cursors wading bird, long end kind reach bellicose animal, with etc precious rare birds kind all answer alone basket or one basket many means cent outfit, avoid to cause an animal to be not normal harm and loss.
"Organizing into groups drafts mutual and will familiar animal be open to traffic when outfit car, do not want an animal between ' natural enemy ' , ' rival in love ' , ' Philistine ' make up together, control of highest speed per hour is in carriage animal 50 kilometers less than. " Introduction Ma Zaiyu, when the animal removes, the member that every car will match escort in transportation, send vet to press meet an urgent need beforehand record demand has good place wants appliance drug, in order to protect restful.
Carry basket abandon:
When opening, wide furl becomes narrow
"Basket abandon look small, but install between next beast of prey inside an any beast of prey. " Ma Zaiyu opened an animal to carry last night basket abandon storeroom to demonstrate to introduce at the same time at the same time, first animal that already made is carried basket abandon form by two parts, two parts close is carry thoroughly basket, it basically is the beast of prey such as the lion, tiger, of all kinds bear, boar carry use.
"Basket the material that abandon is finer steel products character, when opening, appear very wide very big, entice beast of prey very easily to enter basket; And appear very narrow when furl very small, clip beast of prey fitly. " Ma Zaiyu discloses, this kind basket abandoning pass special setting, once beast of prey goes in, the opportunity that turns around repeatedly also was done not have.
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