No road network to move how to move your valuables Weapon electrical Beijing

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Inevitably encounter in the process of moving home or the company's valuable customers, large appliances, such as: LCD TV, computers, large refrigerator, washing machine drum. Company copiers, server cabinets, etc., as a formal, powerful in terms of moving companies in Beijing that hardly anything, the most difficult things to move carefully organized in their safe handling to the same destination, the following should be that is too heavy in moving the most common electrical appliances and move valuables often. Expensive appliances must do a good job in handling the former corresponding protection, the main packaging materials are: drawing die, bubble paper, cardboard and wood packaging. Computer must pay attention when packing, do not collide with each other. After LCD TV package must indicate positive and negative. LCD TV above the loading time is not pressing anything. Refrigerator in the upstairs and downstairs and can not be too inclined loading time, but can not have a big shock. Cabinets and copiers in the handling time can not be down there in the car, because back in the car which is likely to make the parts inside the cabinet damage due to vibration, copier toner inside because the vibration will be exposed to, if not carefully cleaned, then copier will burn. First of all valuables in handling electrical appliances must be used with the moving company before signing the relocation agreement, which is the best guarantee of the interests of both, then there can also be damaged as a basis to move the company claims, the best moving company will also recommend that customers buy insurance This can reduce the losses. Then there are the time of the removal of these things have to send you professional, skilled and experienced workers to move, do not let novices to those who do move, or damage to the moving company but in order to take full responsibility for things, and because this is man-made damage The. Overall handling of these expensive items in the guts of workers moving heavier, more experienced workers tested. So when handling these things are arranged for some Beijing moving company professional mover to do. Moving company's responsibility to secure a good moving without damage to the things our customers, which is the core of the moving company.

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