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Fierce dragon will learn supersonic speed to play move

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The thing that supersonic speed moves here is troubled by bubbling with noisely, and far in Canadian Toronto fierce Long Ye had the meaning that nods ready to do sth. They are planning the new sports season that shortly will begin, arrange one part tournament in American churchyard to hit.

Those who be willing to admit them is the city of buffalo of new York city that approachs Canada (Buf-faloCity) . In fact, be American senatorial Si Changmo and newspaper of buffalo city place " buffalo city news " chief editor Lipuxi the team gave out cosignatory Xiang Menglong to invite, hope they can surpass one part Ji Qian and groovy contest arrangement is in the house of ball of the bank that collect abundant of buffalo city to undertake.

The reaction unexpected ground of fierce dragon team is enthusiastic. Baomuli engraved team chairman Ravi Tanna to discuss the feasibility of this plan together with Si Changmo and Lipuxi. "They are very enthusiastic, also hope very much can have the match arrangement of one part in buffalo city, " Si Changmo says. And Lipuxi also says: "Look, they are interested in our proposal very much, I hope to be able to see real NBA competition in buffalo city very much. " buffalo town seat draws near Toronto, and go up in sports, they had had a series of communication early with Toronto, before 5 months, NFL alliance has approved buffalo city to compare Er group, in next surpass 3 Ji Qian in 5 sports season and move of 5 groovy contest undertakes to Toronto. And this, alone bears NBA team fierce a surname of Canada one by one, also hope to be able to take the opportunity, enlarge their person energy of life in American market.

So, fierce dragon also can consider follow ultrasonic step, take the opportunity move move, does a stay search to nod in the United States to oneself? Not be likely without this. In those days Stern to push NBA to the whole world, the Canada that leads United States of preexistence drawing near established Toronto fierce dragon and Wengehua grey bear two NBA team. But since team building later, heavy difficulty is placed in at the moment. The climate of Canadian chill and high tax rate let retreat to avoid a conflict of all NBA player, do not wish to go easily these two team. At the outset Francis is troubled by greatly anthology beautiful, claim to will never go grey Xiong Bao arrives, coerce grey bear traded him finally rocket. And fierce dragon and grey Xiong Ye cannot get very good development for a long time as a result of this reason, it is a lot of years it is in order to rot the figure of the team appears before fan. Eventually, 2001, the Meng Fei that grey bear moved the United States helplessly from Wengehua this, thenceforth rises, the overseas team of NBA remains fierce dragon to be propped up hard only, although rush into the contest after season two this years year after year, have rich assorted again assume personal command of such star of big shop sign, but person energy of life cannot be compared with the team photograph of American churchyard from beginning to end.
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