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Great-grandmother of 6 a period of ten dayses moves 9 times 5 years

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Come 5 years, she roams about with many 130 all the time feline dog is the same as one room. Because feline dog is increasing, she was forced to move the home 9 times. She is Wuhan bestows favor on friend the deliverance of appellation roams about pet is enthusiastic person square mother-in-law. Yesterday, she tells a reporter: "The greatest cherished desire is to be in Wuhan to build roam about the make one's home place that pet secures. "The greatest cherished desire is to be in Wuhan to build roam about the make one's home place that pet secures..

Live together with dog of many 130 cat

Han Yangsheng's official crosses outskirts of a city to join a department, rely on a bungalow by the pond inside, the reporter found the dwelling of square mother-in-law. By the kennel that 13 small one-storey house comprise, through the window put inside every house full dog basket, there is a doggie inside, stand by window dog people rise alertly, bend over to cry continuously in the bark on the window.

After two hours, a middleaged man appears in the reporter's line of sight, driving electric car, the two dogs haversack that binding after the car must be roused by a place of strategic importance. The woman that runs after the car is square mother-in-law, she is wearing a pair of rusty picture frame glasses, middleaged man is the little brother of square mother-in-law, after dropping two bag vamoose.

"Feline dog people run out of rice and fuel, one big early I head for Zhong Jiacun, the dog that it is a cat people raise money commissariat went. " square mother-in-law introduces, one side wraps inn to open business newly yesterday near Zhong Jiacun, the biscuit that did not sell is lost completely was in inside roadside dustbin, after the raises a dog friend around sees, informed her immediately.

Square mother-in-law opened the first kennel, the stack inside house the life appliance of feline dog, medicines and chemical reagents and a piece of door plank, hang on the iron wire of door plank upper part full clothings, actually this since kennel, also be the bedroom of square mother-in-law.

Hear open the door sound, dog of many 10 cat is shaking the tail rushed, walk back and forth round calcaneal. Foundation dog basket inside still 3 not goggle doggies are crying, square mother-in-law is taken out collect the biscuit that come, its lacerate, with bleb soft, feed 3 not goggle still doggies to eat. Square mother-in-law says, get up the morning before last, with respect to discovery 3 doggies are thrown in the doorway, she receives her, because do not have milk powder to feed a doggie, be obliged to feed the dog food with soft bubble, the doggie has begun have loose bowels.

Subsequently, she is being taken just collected the biscuit that come, at the same time oneself eat, calling name pass in and out each at the same time kennel feeds the dog that feed a cat. Point of fabaceous beans, point, smooth, every doggie square mother-in-law took a name to them, every cat is having a paragraph of story on dog body. Cross 10 come a hut of smooth rice, discovering 10 many kennel is to be linked together together, 10 many kennel share dog of many 130 cat, one is put up with bamboo gangplank between kennel and sewage pond wide the 5 platform of rice, the dog that feed a cat people convenient, clear it is relatively easy also to rise.
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