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What dove moves is apocalyptic

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● wisdom connected:

Him take out the odour that goes up personally!

A dove often moves ceaselessly.

It feels, every time new check lived before long, have a kind of powerful strange taste, let it do not pant to go up come, be forced to move all the time act against one's will.

It feels very worry, follow trouble a seasoned old dove complaint.

Old dove says: "You moved so much second home was not used at all, because the sort of letting,the strange flavour that you perplex is not sent from inside the nest, however the flavour on yourself body. However the flavour on yourself body..

● allegory is apocalyptic:

As antipathetic as the group, the problem comes from at oneself!

Some people can blame the mistake of others ceaselessly, criticize the shortcoming of others, they feel the environment all round and person follow him oppose everywhere; Perhaps think oneself " too high to be popular " , average person cannot understand he is rich and deep ideology. Actually, they did not realize real problem is not to come from at all round, come from however at themselves.

Resemble such person, must try him recognize, try to meditate serious and deeply oneself.

And an organization also is done not have necessary for lose such " dove " and regretful.

More and more research shows, leadership is not inherent, people can pass through acquired effort completely to obtain this kind of capability. Accordingly, the leader wants to change employee successfully, the lead that must change oneself above all is idiosyncratic.

To the leader character, remarkable administrative ability is remained indispensible. The leader has ability of this kind of government, not be to control and command employee, however the development for employee of support, help and grow.

In this unpredicatable global competition times, company high level is pursued hard with its " advanced " administrative method and method, be inferior to putting eye far, the lock decides the ability and wisdom of employee and enthusiasm, this is the never-failing treasure that the company takes, the company must find proper approach to release them. Realize the only way of this target, let manage namely from control stuff, change direction to believe employee of staff latent capacity, encouragement is enthusiastic.

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