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Xu Hao encompass is love daughter busy move

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(Eason) and Xu Hao encompass (A Xu) busy recently move house, early before A Xu is patted so that shop see furniture, the report shows flower of her a person of extraordinary powers bought a piece of sofa 100 thousand yuan. Overnight (late on August 30) what a person of extraordinary powers buys is deny to say when A Xu attends an activity, she says: "It is false of course, just see ark that day, not be sofa, I was not bought finally. I was not bought finally..

She expresses to just ramble appropriate home, buy do not calculate too expensive stuff. Instead the science and technology of old Yi Xun is tasted costlier, whether to ask she compares whole house furniture even expensive? She laughs say: "Be indifferent to, his profitable hardship, want to be enjoyed. " she says to return not join the gang, decorating. She does not want to talk about the thing of too much new residence, do not want to team of young of too much dog waits for them, affect a daughter.

Additional, a Xu Toulou's daughter is about to term begins, the daughter likes to go to school and read a book very much, she feels is his good luck. Mention there is catch a disease of a lot of children recently, she laughs weigh a government word safety should do not have a problem, she also can teach a daughter to pay attention to sanitation.

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