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Remover of rainbow of division of Beijing announce military

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Rainbow remover from 93 establish to date, support of deep unconscious broad client is encouraged, outstanding achievement grows ceaselessly, public praise still says good. We are with serving a client oneself, pursue safe, efficient, seasonable, serious service aim. Succeed at Shen Ao, during capital economy flies again, wish to cooperate hand in hand with you, for Beijing construction adds a brick to add tile, work of humanness the people's livelihood is perfected.
Indoor move a line-haul
Tear open outfit furniture piano to carry
The phone makes an appointment day and night serves
8 areas nearby sends the city car
Pass attestation of ISO9001 quality system
Our company face the public, satisfy the need of all circles friend, carry on individual, collective, enterprise or business the unit is long-distance move freight.
Your satisfaction is our pursuit!
Low moves tear open outfit air conditioning

Our company are right bungalow or do not contain floor to move every car 150 yuan (inside 15 kilometers) unit freight every number 160 yuan (inside 15 kilometers) . Exceed the course of development of 15 kilometers, every kilometer is added receive 4 yuan; Every many place assembles and unassemble add receive 50 yuan.
Valuable casts fulfil to add 50 yuan like 34 inches of safe, color television, back.
Tear open outfit furniture 30 yuan---150 yuan, a door 20 yuan.
Carry piano every sortie has price basically 100 yuan; Piano is mixed outfit is basic have price 260 yuan.
The client after car reachs the designated position cancels to use a car, close to sail for nothing expend 100 yuan.
Because client account is caused when car and porter incur loss through delay are official, add receive delay time cost is hourly 80 yuan.
19: 00 when---6: 30 when exercise needs to add receive evening shift service to expend every number 30 yuan.
Line-haul expends 160 yuan by the price since travel kilometer computation, every kilometer receives more than 15 kilometers 4 yuan.
Tear open outfit office to cut off every seat to collect fees 40 yuan are used only when labour carries the person not to need car, collect fees hourly each 40 yuan.
Stock glove box

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