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Move auspicious day remover is quite crowded

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The end of the year decorated Ms. Lu of bridal chamber last year, just move today. "I am in the net is worthwhile, today is auspicious day, waiting... " Ms. Lu says.

The remover with a few larger scale all expresses Shen Cheng, the customer volume that moves now will be compared much at ordinary times % of 20 % ~30.

The person that move

Auspicious day moves to prepare even " mascot "

Yesterday, take the new home of Ms. Lu, the types of facial makeup in operas of tiger of clay sculpture of a piece of color that hanging on porch and backsword of a little a peach-shaped thing, drew the reporter's look.

"I decorated the end of the year last year bridal chamber, but make it empty wear all the time. " Ms. Lu of 28 years old says, "I turned the party with the friend, good for the auspicious day tomorrow move... "

She expresses, auspicious day moves to also get preparation some " mascot " .

"I prepared live fish, indicative and annual superabundant... steamed bread, indicative flourishing... tiger types of facial makeup in operas is to protect restful, still have food crops food grains other than wheat and rice, hear indicative back and belly does not have care... " Ms. Lu says to the reporter.

How does Ms. Lu know " auspicious day " move so much " say " ?

"Turn over an almanac, check on Internet, have! 19 are god-given auspicious day, our unit 300 much people, will move tomorrow have 3 people! Will move tomorrow have 3 people!!

Say in Ms. Zhao of same unit with Ms. Lu: "I often hold a person in the palm early to calculate carefully, 19 days are big auspicious, I believe this. I believe this..


Business comparing is become more at ordinary times

Is the person that moves today compared after all great at ordinary times little?

Taking this issue, yesterday, the reporter compared big remover 5 times to undertake investigating to Shen Cheng.

The almanac looks by the side of the staff member of a remover the frontier says: "19 days are not special good time, have a few clients however, special requirement moves in 19 days, saying is to had calculated, this day is wedding day... "

"Be known according to me, not only person picks an auspicious day day moves, when somebody picks an auspicious day, still move. Although April 19 is on Wednesday, but the photograph when peace is compared, moving person also is met % of ~30 of many 20 % . If auspicious day just in time is caught up with on the weekend, portfolio returns meeting comparing to break up at ordinary times time. " a boss of remover says.

A remover expresses, still a few enterprises make an appointment today move.

Folklore home

Do not encourage but not necessary prohibit

"Those who look for me to calculate is not little, of course, want collection certain expenses. " " geomantic master " tell a reporter so.

The reporter searchs Internet discovery, calculate move the webpage of auspicious day has more than 28700, have among them free, also have collect fees.
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