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Remover is punished repeatedly the boss should be accused meet a policeman

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The van start off of remover is on duty to hand in a policeman to be mixed with person goods time and again carry punishment, yesterday, one remover manager is mirrorred to the reporter, this kind of circumstance according to " law of road transportation safety carries out byelaw " be not to grant to punish, why to receive those who meet a policeman to punish sheet time and again, be because,article " deserted " and be on duty policeman place is familiar with?

Receive time and again punish sheet

The manager that occupies remover of big talk great eternal life collect gentleman introduction, on August 28, his driver Xie Mou drives to allow highway travel to the country from government office city, in the country promotes highway traffic light to be in the policeman that be handed in to bar below, said to disobey freight to carry a person to set, basis " law of safety of transportation of road of People's Republic of China " concerned regulation gives 100 yuan of punishment, leave went out to punish sheet.

Collect the gentleman says, basis " law of road transportation safety carries out byelaw " concerned regulation, on urban road, freight motor vehicle is in take the case that has safe place, can add inside railroad car carry work temporarily 1 person comes personnel 5 people; Height holding thing exceeds railroad car when column board, the person must not hold on goods. Resemble them such remover should be not fined, but since last year, such punishing he does not know sheet however received how many pieces. Collect the gentleman ever applied for to reconsider to public security bureau of big talk city for many times, have a success a few times.

Be about to safeguard him rights and interests to the court

Collect the gentleman says, the likelihood is " law of road transportation safety carries out byelaw " fiftieth 5 the 2nd is compared " deserted " , after application reconsiders a success, its move car still is handed in constantly the policeman bars next examinations, some makes let sb pass of the meeting after the policeman hears the driver explains, some hands in a policeman to still be met punish sheet, for this, every encounter such situation, he does not get an over and over again to apply for to reconsider to public security bureau of big talk city.

Collect the gentleman expresses, often reconsider let him expend a lot of energy, he prepares to forensic to lodge a complaint, safeguard oneself rights and interests, also let more people know this at the same time " deserted " article.

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