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Beijing moves net: Move move irritated worry

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Ask a friend to look for remover to help move, touch the furniture such as piano bad however in carrying road unexpectedly, because do not have autograph contract, bilateral conflict does not fall.
According to provincial capital Ms. Dong says, last week she and new residence of sweetheart move to a better place or have a promotion, hold a friend in the palm to help looked for a remover. Because be of acquaintance introduction, she also is done not have at that time special care about, be moved and do not have microscope, gave remover money to let them go. When the result is clearing away furniture, it is good that the piano that she discovers her daughter is beloved was bumped into in carrying a process few points coat of paint. Additional, originally sealed the tableware such as the good, dish that is put in the case, bowl also broke many, on annatto tea table, sofa much also many nick. Appear personally through the friend when looking for remover theory, the other side informs the fault that cannot conclude who these nick are, additional, both sides does not have a contract, do not grant to compensate for so.
Reporter from Jinan city 12315 centers understand, look for a person to move to be damaged of article be absent a few, remover attend to gives birth to sense to make symbolistic compensation after investigation, and many remover are self-reliant however without the contract, go paying attention to far from. Create this kind of situation, because,be part from quality of personnel of course of study uneven, some grooms without post at all, go after blindly carry rate, one day can drive several " " . Additional, return some to carry a company to be economic expenditure, receiving a large amount of carrying when the task, send few number hand however, have the safeguard such as safety hard also in carrying a process.
According to Jinan city 12315 centers staff member is analysed, asking a person to move is not bagatelle, while consumer is choosing normal remover, answer to sign a contract with the other side. Both sides has although conventional hind became little valuable perhaps damaged furniture, usable law measure protects his rights and interests. Additional, before moving, best both sides is checked to furniture jointly, conditional can take a picture and affirm via both sides.

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