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Carry expert Xie Chunlin its person

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Xie Chunlin is 3 for the service the group moves an one renown employee, be judged to be advanced worker, first-class staff by place unit for many times. Last year, xie Chunlin still is judged to be morality of city worker profession by Hangzhou city federation of trade unions " 10 beautiful " example; This year in April, he is judged to be again " Hangzhou city is ab extra and outstanding come Hangzhou poineering youth " .

Xie Chunlin is the Rao Ren on Jiangxi, this year just 30 years old. Will tell with the 3 words that replace company staff, foliaceous master technology is full-scale, it is an industry in " carry an expert " . Xie Chunlin is how from a common bearer, grow for present " carry an expert " ? This basically is attributed to him excelsior on the technology and to the queen's taste working manner.

Foliaceous master tells a reporter: "There is individual remover socially now for economic benefits, appeared to change one car two cars, control the appearance of charge more thereby. This brought about the dissatisfaction of a few clients to remover. " be aimed at such circumstance, he from at ordinary times the summary in the job gives an experience to come: It is big article car of not direct mount, put below the car first, wait for big article to arrive basically neat hind, just begin to assemble a car. 2 it is car of outfit of reasonable and orderly ground, should install already as far as possible much, otherwise attaint article. 3 it is have friendly relations of the channel before must be being carried with the client, give up the client's misgive, let a client be consumed for nothing obviously. because such, the team and group that Xie Chunlin leads gets a client greatly reputably.

When moving for the client, the client holds a few trifling little thing at will in a carton. After foliaceous master sees, very naturally takes out paper of hank adhesive plaster to seal the case from the car prison, car turns over paper box in travel process and scatter in order to prevent little thing. A such ordinary activity were seen by the client, the client is written down was in in the heart. The company is opposite when this client pay a return visit, he is very cordial the ground says: "3 for the stuff that has such high quality, I did not think of. The employee of your company is mixed really other people is different. Moving this is to transfer temporarily, answer change to still look for you next time 3 for. Answer change to still look for you next time 3 for..

Nowadays, the salary of every month has foliaceous master worker 1500 multivariate, still attended social insurance, medical treatment insurance, endowment insurance additionally. His wife also has a steady job in homemaking company, still have a lovely daughter of 8 years old, there is a sweet small home in Jiang Cun. This year in April, he still is judged to be by glorious ground " Hangzhou city is ab extra and outstanding come Hangzhou poineering youth " . As a result of the excellent performance on the job, he already was labelled by the company activist of join or be admitted to the party undertakes fostering.
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