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Choose wedding day moves curtilage, make join a mess normally. In geomantic on have a lot of contraindication. Among them choose lucky day, it is to have very much exquisite. Enter whether to fly an auspicious sign newly curtilage, or the mildew in the past carry is swung, whether can be occupy hind waited a moment in safety again, these are the demand with global people and good wills, some hopes can be on restful foundation, make carry curtilage flourishing, facilities of scholarly honour and official rank gives character like may, descendants health is clever have prospect. Choose lucky day, can use celestial body star to enrage gas field to be opposite curtilage host undertakes benefiting. Be like with curtilage advocate whether to close, whether does day foot make gram of strong photograph, whether to make evil spirit, astral god is auspicious etc, of course here lucky day is only choose can the day class of move to a better place or have a promotion, not be the lucky day on almanac. Letter of most compatriots homogeneous phase is migratory (move) can give party (or house advocate with family) bring different rate, more or less the induction of good fortune of misfortune of good or ill luck, so, most person is migratory (move house) when when total meeting chooses a lucky day, choose to decide auspicious, azimuth follows relevant tradition consuetudinary reach happy avoid, the hope can have lucky million to answer, just also feel to set one's mind at.
Migratory (move house) simple and easy pick an auspicious day law
Because everybody is individual the condition is different, cannot break up cross farmer one by one or write on almanac " appropriate moves house " move house, suited others to move house not to suit you to move house certainly however that day. Into curtilage the choice of auspicious class wants those who consider a house to sit to and curtilage advocate the 4 column of an each one.
Because, day itself is indifferent to good or ill luck, the generation of good or ill luck is by day class the five elements of yin and yang of 4 column and house produce strange settle or live in a strange place to make what change and form between the five elements of yin and yang of geomantic pattern, master character 8. At present will move house to choose the point of celestial bodies of auspicious day good people to summarize as follows:
(One) migratory (move house) day cannot with family " any of the twelve animals " reach " day column " (of birthday of the traditional Chinese calendar " months months " ) strong, especially avoid and house advocate " day column " photograph Xing Chong. (Child midday is strong, ugly not strong, the third of the twelve Earthly Branches the last of the twelve Earthly Branches of strong, Chen Quchong, Si develops Shen Chong, Mao You.
(2) migratory (move house) choose as far as possible " water day " for beautiful, use less " igneous day " .
(3) sit newly to curtilage: Chao Dong person avoid is in Si, the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches, ugly (3 alloy) the day moves; Face on the west person avoid is in the last of the twelve Earthly Branches, the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches, not (3 join wood) the day moves house; Chao Na person avoid is in explain, child, celestial bodies (3 shut water) the day moves house;
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