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Mechanism removes fire remover

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Yinchuan citizen reachs the designated position at liberating east when the municipal government of the street goes handling affairs, discover, a lot of executive authorities already the person goes the building is empty. Original, each administration unit already in succession on the west change, be in center of Yinchuan city administration in succession " join forces " .

The reporter is in center of Yinchuan city administration yesterday advocate the building sees, the inside and outside between inside and outside of each building door and elevator sends busy picture. "Master, you where is this to be gone to to move? " " 12 buildings. " Xiaowang of 22 years old reads the sheet that be like a body this year force is small, carry sofa of a 3 people easy to doly however case send into elevator. Xiaowang is the employee of remover, he brushed the sweat that gets on the face to say, after each executive authority begins to move, their work is more than before severalfold. He says, they are moved everyday last month 3 come 4 times, and should move 6 times at least everyday these days. Some units move the first floor of administrative center from the first floor of former address, sheet wades collect fees 100 yuan; And some units are the ten buildings that are moved to now from original 6 floors, sheet wades collect fees it is 120 yuan about. Although everyday back of the tired acid that get a small of the back aches, but Xiaowang says, work became much company benefit is good, company benefit became good their pay also rose. Of course, the work that the executive authority removes is not assume by remover completely, equestrian master of 44 years old is mixed this year furniture distributors employs his fellow workers temporarily, be in charge of the new furniture such as a desk, chair, bookcase carrying the office that appoints to administrative center from pantechnicon.

The reporter understands, from Yinchuan city each executive authority begins to move centrally hind, the portfolio of a lot of remover increases apparently, the personage inside course of study says this is to move when the industry encounters god-given portfolio " flood " opportunity. As we have learned, in this executive authority big migratory in, will about 60 units center change to center of Yinchuan city administration, this also is my area government sector scale is the largest, most of concentration big migratory. On December 18, all units will remove entirely reach the designated position, hold the simple unified ceremony that uncover a shop sign. This also indicates city promotes a Yinchuan celebrate an area to will be lost tens of year come " metropolis administration center " geographical advantage, and tens of whole town homes the concentration of administrative unit handles official bussiness, also will deal with general affairs to offer huge to go to the lavatory for broad citizen.

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