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Xie Xingfang ever practiced hard ball ability to move

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In the final of badminton female sheet that just ends, xie Xingfang defeats teammate Zhang Ning with the score cherish of 1-2, won a silver medal, this also is the medal of the first Olympic Games of her profession career. Although if wish to carry off,fail gold, but Xie Xingfang's actual strength is everybody of be obvious to all, the military successes that reviews her a few years this, discover the effort that she gives for badminton motion and acquisition result not hard.
To remove ability of bitter from basement practice a ball game
Xie Xingfang is having the explicit requirement like model, the figure is carried high, skin is snow-white. After carrying off world blueness surpasses female Shuang Guanjun 1998, she is chosen national group, get a train " admire is nodded " change experienced female sheet.
The Chinese feather team at that time stays in national sports in the training courtyard of total bureau, covey accommodation abandons a building, the room below 2 teams dwelling place, achievement stand or fall is direct the actor bad link up with with abode. Xie Xingfang is defeated by the small division younger sister of 2 teams muddle-headedly in dual meet, experienced from " heaven " to " Tartarean " process. Leave basement to move, return covey became principal target of Xie Xingfang. From now on she practices hard ball ability, also be this target makes her ball ability rises stage by stage, 2003, she be able to with Gong Rui that, Zhou Mi and Zhang Ning call Chinese female group " 4 gold are beautiful " .
Miss Athens not crestfallen, become gradually " one elder sister "
Because will look from actual strength and qualifications and record of service, xie Xingfang is " 4 gold are spent " in most " tender " , accordingly she takes part in the match without what obtain Athenian Olympic Games qualification. But, ever since the actual strength that she seized 6 impetus that surpass champion publicly to show her with connecting. The world in 5 years on bright and beautiful contest, she is more in the conquer in finals oneself teammate Zhang Ning, became the world champion of be worthy of the name.
Later, of Xie Xingfang grow more rapid, she is obtained early or late again " 2005 world cups are surpassed " , " world bright and beautiful was surpassed 2006 " the champion that waits for multinomial international match, call team of Chinese woman feather gradually " one elder sister " . In her brilliant military successes, the medal that differs an Olympic Games only it seems that.
Become a forum with Lin Dan " associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct "
2004, xie Xingfang and Lin Dan undertake the whole thing the champion of singles of male and female that Chinese badminton surpasses publicly, this female to Jin Tongyu underground amour also rises to surface subsequently. Although Xie Xingfang is bigger than Lin Dan two years old, but the feeling of two people is special all the time and stable, already had taken 4 year nowadays, they also are known as Chinese feather altar " associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct " .
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