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My move memory

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The autumn 30 years ago, the day with a beautiful sunshine, I and lover held wedding. The education of Guizhou university Department of Chinese Language and Literature that bridal chamber is my job is downstair the simple and easy house of a 10 much square metre.

Bridal chamber is very pallet, an an a piece of a piece of bed, desk, chair, washstand, these are original furniture. Have bedding, washbasin only, and teacher and friends respect sent great person collected works of gesso resembling, great person and a few little souvenirs are new. Await in those days, a lot of daily expense consumable are allowance, and the pay that does not say oneself is finite, although economy is more bounteous, purchase more things impossibly also. Accordingly, if somebody serves furnace of thermos bottle of an iron case, Beijing and so on, also calculate advanced luxury.

We live more than 3 years in this house. Till the son 1 year old many when, the school ability deal out my home a small old house. That is to be before garden of expensive senior colonel most south one calls the one unit of red building 2 buildings, the toilet is built on corridor, the two folk that are the same as a layer are common. Highway leans before housing, bearer of every overhead traveling crane is gone to, good not lively.

The house is not worth 30 square metre, do not have plaster already, do not have more decorate, just clean went with respect to occupy. Move that day, a few friends and student will help, their some carries bedstead, some carries chair, some to carry book, some on the back to take kitchen, such-and-such, did not move to two hours of time...

My neighbour is an old pal that emancipatory initial stage has a job. He lives in 3 rooms 1 hall, the child already got married establish line of business, some is in native place soil, some goes to work in the unit, not was together with them, have only at ordinary times old two live together, the time passes very Shu Xin. Move in us before making neighbour, there already was a 14 inches monochrome television opportunity in the sitting room of his home, this calculates at that time very pretty good. Two old people are very amiable to our family, often invite us to go to his home watching TV, my son is the frequenter of his home more, run almost everyday his home sees cartoon. The day grew, often go disturbing two old people, we always feel very compunctious. After two years, my sweetheart uses the means of instalment, bought 14 inches " Hai Ying " card monochrome television machine, satisfied a family to see the desire of TV eventually. Machine of this monochrome television, nature is at that time the luxury with our highest grade home.

The spring 1985, namely the 2nd year when I work to round provincial Party committee from expensive major key, unit deal out 3 big my housing. Although the area is compared expensive big housing is gotten greatly much, but the house is to be built on the garage, a lot of establishment do not deserve to cover, do not have a toilet already, also do not have a kitchen, the life rises not quite convenient. Fortunately whole building stays in two families only, each other are very harmonious. We lived only over time of large half an year, because tear open change to build bridal chamber, be moved in the room of have enough to meet need that allowing a market before long, till the 2nd year the ability after bridal chamber building moves former office to live. Move so move, in succession was moved many times, always feel the life is not quite stable. Especially my so much book, do not have the ground of base oneself upon from beginning to end, be forced to put them paper case a place of strategic importance to take bed heart. The day grew, book of wh some of which already began to become moldy.
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