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Russian city new team moves busy in make mistake divulge team badge

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The new line name of team of city of horse of Russian carat carry on one's shoulder and group bid had not decided formally, busy nevertheless move they are busy in make mistake, imprint carelessly today the basketball that has new line name and group bid is exposed come out, by media of Russian city place " OKCNBAfans " discover and pat. From souvenir basketball thes upper part of the body we discover revealed information not hard, new team cries " thunderbolt team " , and group bid is very ugly.

About the new line name of Russian city team and group bid, what fry in American media before this is bubbling with noise, in in the bookshops a the most popular version is " thunderbolt " , but be overcome by the boss before this Lai Benneite is denied, he states team team name has not decided formally, thunderbolt is one of 6 referenced plans only.

Yesterday, russian city team began to move the job, 3 lorries go to the trouble of travelling a long distance sails from Xiyatu come, from the goods such as chair, television is uninstalled on the car, the staff member opens box of a paper carelessly, it is one uses the commemorative basketball with sealed polybag actually inside. Half of this souvenir basketball is white, it is rufous commonly, of white there imprinting clearly " Thunder " (thunderbolt) model of written characters, there still is the new line bid of team next. Gules there imprinting NBA LOGO, look had affirmed through the government.

Boss of team of the city that occupy Russia overcomes Lai Benneite to divulge, next week 3 (on September 3) hold city is in Russia a grand congratulatory activity and news briefing, the purpose publishs new line name namely, group bid and advocate, the relevant matters concerned such as sale of bill of color of guest field polo shirt, style, ball. American brand registers bureau office to ever disclosed before, russian city registered 6 teams name in all at present, it is respectively: Thunderbolt (Thunder) , energy (Energy) , fresh gale (Wind) , ma Shaoer (Marshalls) , magnate (Barons) with bison (Bison) .

Look at present, other 5 teams name is denied basically already, "Thunderbolt " the mark that will regard Russian city 08-09 as sports season.

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