Fan moves the action shifts to an earlier date

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Comprehensive report still remains reporter Lou Dong 5 matches, of large alliance of American profession baseball " hundred years old name " new York raise base the team is about to leave have the old court of 85 years of histories. This can hold the court of 50 thousand person, picture such audience field field explode now full grand occasion sees more, but had never appeared so much police and security personnel, never also leave a move that should install check to the audience repeatedly too.

Except such, this field may not support respond to a curtain call that day, be moved by audience ant kind " vacaition " .

Finish sports season, raise radical team will move a market a value opposite side the new field of 1.3 billion dollar, of the audience " move the action " shifted to an earlier date than team full a sports season. This year on April 1 raise radical team this sports season begins battle, two audiences use screwdriver debus the raise on field pillar base ornamental of group group badge, be arrested on the spot by the police. Of burgalry of this fan pilfer sentence punish quite heavy, besides amerce, two fan still are punished off-limits raise base team field a year.

Say according to manage, old court closes the first case should have sports season very good caution action, as a result more fan still are certain " steal a book not to calculate secretly " , as end of sports season drawing near, they begin from field spirit away any can take away " memory " : Pull down the seat, number that shovels the back of the chair to go up, lift the rug that there is home team pattern on the ground, the closestool that connects a toilet is built cannot escape by sheer luck.

Had so much police then. Raise radical club repeats broadcast in field, admonitory audience " take away " any field belongings calculate serious larcenous conduct, more concrete step is recourse to police. The Bulangkesi that field is in area alarm, Newyork city alarm, new York city alarm, return the member that have confederative sound, basically can come came. Do not think it is OK to escape liveried, still want to do it in the toilet? Perhaps immediately by civilian clothes handcuff.

"The night that reached to close now. This is a museum, the any here is impayable. " spokesman of news of raise radical club says, "Last weeks of audience that come here enjoys a red-letter day, we do not hope this kind of feeling is disturbed by any misfeasance. We do not hope this kind of feeling is disturbed by any misfeasance..

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