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"With today's negotiations, Wal-Mart has verbal commitments, agreed Logistics Shipping price increases, the specific gains and time, will be further consultations." Yesterday, General Manager Zheng Qibin ant told the Chengdu Commercial Daily logistics reporters. This means that, following delivery, moving company, long distance companies and other logistics, the logistics industry in the last pass --- city is also about price and distribution logistics, Chengdu logistics industry will be full price. "Rising labor costs, has brought to the logistics of pressure." Chengdu Logistics Association, the ant wave of logistics, said Li, president and chairman of the board, from the current situation, the logistics industry in general rise in Chengdu Increase of 15% or so, "This brings the lower logistics costs of pressure, perhaps to further accelerate the rise in consumer prices." Not only that, many logistics companies has increased moving costs, such as ants move logistics Home fees from the previous 260 yuan / car upwards starting from this month, 300 yuan / vehicle, the rate of increase has almost 15%. Shipping prices will soon issue an ultimatum Yesterday, when Lang Li accepted the Chengdu Commercial Daily interview, Zheng Qibin is negotiating with Wal-Mart, the store ready to improve the logistics Shipping. The country's largest city logistics and distribution company, once the rise Logistics costs, will involve a number of large stores in Chengdu. "The supermarkets we went to have a formal letter, it can be seen as we sent to the stores 'ultimatum', if you do not agree to price increases, we can only terminate the cooperation of the." Lee Long said the logistics and Chengdu, the ants Supermarkets have maintained good relations of cooperation, the reason will be out of this "worst" simply because the pressure is too great, "In the current circumstances, no price adjustment, we basically already close to the loss of the business." What is a logistics company in the end brought so much pressure? Many people blame this winter "diesel shortage." Recently, the major gas stations in Chengdu, can supply the amount of diesel is really limited. The day before yesterday morning, East Second Ring Road section of a gas station entrance, dozens of cars and small trucks standing in long lines, nearly a week, and here almost every day, such a scenario. "Diesel too small, difficult to add." One is the Secretary of queuing Machine told reporters that this time his work is quite idle day, with a lot of the time line here, "the company's orders had already been booked in a long queue is simply not enough car to run." However, Li Long that "diesel shortage" prices at the most logistics enterprises can be a "catalyst", "basic this time of year, cold, and diesel is not good plus, but this year it is particularly serious." He believes that Really promote the logistics industry, frequently near the root causes of price increases is increasing labor costs. "Last year, a salary increase, plus a first half of this year. Yesterday we held an emergency meeting soon There will be a raise, is expected in the range of about 5%. "He said, so pay down three times, the logistics business increased by 20% in labor costs," labor and fuel, are the two major logistics costs, labor costs increase So many logistics companies are not prices simply can not cope. "Lee Long said. Rising prices, a pay rise for workers with urgent needs, and with the increase in logistics costs, will lead to further push the price up. This "chain" itself is a paradox. Logistics industry moving full cost prices also rose Beilun Although the paradox, but the money still have to add, "or simply not hire people, especially now that Spring is coming, do not pay, over the New Year back to how many people can work hard to guarantee." Lang Li said . With the staff pay, logistics companies have begun to price increases. In this round of price hikes, the first price is the express delivery industry, from the beginning of this month, the first foreign express delivery companies had price increases, and then express delivery companies in Chengdu Quickly followed, the rate of increase is generally 10% to 15%. Subsequently, the long-distance logistics and transport costs have begun to price increases. The day before yesterday, Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Chengdu and Huo Judong station near the base of a number of storage learned, Recently years, this Some parts of the storage costs have also increased. According to the reporter learned from Chengdu Logistics Association data show that, so far, Chengdu, express, long distance logistics, warehousing, etc. have been price increases, price increases generally about 15%. "Even the prices are moving." Zhengqi Bin told reporters this month, the ant official price adjustment, moving the cost from 260 yuan from the previous, upwards starting from this month, 300 yuan, the rate of increase has also been received Nearly 15%. And in last night, Zhengqi Bin told reporters that they consult with the Wal-Mart has taken a consensus has been recognized by Wal-Mart price distribution costs, but the specific price increase and the time the two sides need further consultations Business, "We expected 20% rise in." He said, in addition to Wal-Mart outside of, the United States and other stores have also been rising on the Shipping and Logistics ants reached intention prices soon. With the price of city distribution, logistics industry will be fully prices in Chengdu. Logistics industry facing a "reshuffle" "This will further promote the rise in consumer prices." Lang Li said that although for different products, different from the proportion of logistics costs, but in any case, increased logistics costs are transferred to the downstream Commodities, the price rise further inevitable. "Substantial period of time before the rising price of apples, in addition to prices of agricultural products themselves, these transported to Chengdu from Shandong Apple, is also a rise in freight An important factor in pushing up. " Moreover, Lang Li said that the current prices of logistics enterprises, may also lead to reshuffle the entire logistics industry, a number of small logistics company, due to the reasons for the operation and management, cost pressures facing the greater Price increases the need for more, in this case, if the big companies do not price increases, or increase is relatively small, these small businesses is difficult to survive. In order to avoid being "reshuffle", Lang Li told reporters in Chengdu Commercial Daily, the cost of their internal control over effect has also started a "hard" and the first cut is the company vehicle maintenance costs. "In the past vehicles Maintenance of 100 yuan if the company is simply not ask for. And we decided just opened, from now on, as long as the items relate to maintenance of change, must be general manager of 'a pen' signature, and gives the rigid requirements The company's overall maintenance costs, must be at least in the past on the basis of lower 1 / 3. " However, Lang Li also said that logistics companies are now facing tremendous pressure, but also to promote the overall improvement of China's logistics industry an opportunity. "Now we are in logistics or a very low level." He said, according to United States authorities, a survey shows that China's annual session in the cargo transportation and storage of food waste, even up to 500 billion U.S. dollars. "In the current case, the major logistics companies have the incentive to improve their skills, improve transport efficiency, this may be the logistics industry to bring this inflation the only good impact." He said.

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